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29 January 2011 @ 05:10 pm
Songs about the Sabbath  
For awhile now I have been saddened at the lack of English songs about the Biblical Sabbath among the Sabbath keeping. I am now determined to write a few myself. My sister, Jessica Fisher, is currently working on her debut album featuring eight brand new songs written by Jessica, myself, our close friend Ebony, and one song from a very nice man named John (he works with Adventist Frontier Missions). Unfortunately, there is not room on this CD for an additional song. Should the Lord provide Jessica the opportunity to create a second CD, at least one song will be about the Sabbath.

As the Sabbath arrived last night, I was longing to listen to Sabbath songs. Guided by the Holy Spirit, a friend's tweet led me to a YouTube video with the gorgeous music of Neville Peter and two of his songs on the Sabbath. I thought I should share the songs I found:

"Holy Time" by Neville Peter [website]

"Sabbath Day" by Neville Peter

After a bit more searching the shadowy recesses of the website, I came across a powerful song about the Sabbath by Sarah Draget.

"Remember" by Sarah Draget [link]

And I also was able to find recordings of the live performances of 10 out of the 11 songs from 3ABN's Pillars of Our Faith CD. Among them included "Remember the Sabbath" and "I Will Give You Rest".

"Remember the Sabbath"

"I Will Give You Rest"

Related websites:

In the end, I created two new Playlists on my YouTube account: Sabbath and Pillars of Our Faith

This is only a meager selection of songs for the Sabbath, and I know that there must be more songs out there. Maybe we should issue a Sabbath Song challenge for all Sabbath-keepers. ;)